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Blue Zircon - Loose Stones

Blue Zircon - Loose Stones

SKU: 150914ZB-002-009
These gorgeous 6mm round blue zircon's can be turned into earrings you'll want to wear every day.  Buy the stones or we can help you make them into a beautiful set of earrings.  Total carat weight varies by set of stones but will average around 2.4 cts.
  • About Zircon


    Zircon is rated 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It has fair to good toughness. While zircon is not as hard or tough as a stone like sapphire, it can still be worn in all types of jewelry as long as proper care is given to avoid rough wearing or hard blows. Also, zircon can be brittle, so it should be worn and stored in a manner that avoids hard rubbing against other materials.


    Zircon is generally stable when exposed to light, but some heat-treated stones might revert back to their original colors (usually light brown) after prolonged exposure to bright light. Heat can alter the color of some zircon. Zircon is stable when exposed to chemicals.


    Warm, soapy water is recommended for cleaning zircon. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not recommended for cleaning this gem.

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