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Matched Pair - Yellow Beryl (Heliodor)

Matched Pair - Yellow Beryl (Heliodor)

SKU: 170202-L-Gb-002-003

These magnificent rectangular shaped fantasy cut beryls (also known as Heliodor) weigh a total of 4.09 carats are Eye-Clean and originated from Brazil.  They were cut by master gem cutter Alexander Kreis of Kreis Jewelers in Dusseldorf Germany.  They would make beautiful earrings to match the pendant sized yellow beryl that we also have in our inventory.  They measure 9 x 7 x 5.4 mm and are simply mesmerizing to look at.  They will make stunning earrings but having the whole set would definitely make you stand out in any crowd! 


Please contact us if you are interested in having us make a unique design for this or any other gemstone in our inventory.

  • Beryl

    Golden Beryl is also known as Heliodor and it comes in a wide variety of colors.  Some more popular Beryl species are Aquamarine and Emerald.  The hardness of this stone (7.5-8) makes it a great fit for any type of jewelry.

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